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Young butcherbird


Cheeky young butcherbird cleaning up around the houseThis young butcherbird is one of my friends. It drops by early in the morning checking the windows and eaves of the house for spiders or other edible delicacies, later dropping by the vegetsable garden to see how the snails are coming along. He is much more welcome in the vege garden than the bowerbirds that uproot  my seedlings should I leave them unprotected and more welcome than the hens who sneak in if I carelessly leave the gate open. The hens also look for slugs and snails but they are just as interested in the cabbages, silver beet and french sorrel.

The young butcherbird has not found its voice yet and it is still making begging baby bird noises demanding food and while a parent is still usually close by keeping an eye on things the fledgling is obviously being told to get on with it and start finding its own food. I love seeing it from the kitchen window checking out the house and I contribute to its larder by not using insecticides or poisons. My windows are beginning to acquire a cobweb cover so I may have to do something about that before too long


2 thoughts on “Young butcherbird

  1. What a great photo of the butcherbird I remember their calls from when I was staying with you.

  2. Thanks Flick
    Good to hear from you