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Why not come to the Bega Market?

Market Day in Bega

Market Day in Bega

This is a photo taken at the Bega Farmer’s Market which is held in the Littleton Gardens every second Friday although the interest is such that it may well go to a weekly market eventually. There are only around thirty stalls and they are selling fresh locally grown vegetables, olives and olive oil, seedlings that you can grow on in your own vege patch, coffee, tea or chai from a mobile coffee maker, home made biscuits or cakes (availability varies) fresh eggs, organic meat sold from a refrigerated display van and more.

Is it the start of a new economic system or the revival of an old one perhaps? Whatever it is it is attempting to prevent the demise of the small farmer in the Bega Valley by giving them an outlet that is not managed and controlled by multi-national mega businesses or the supermarket duopoly.

It is reported that areas of Queensland will soon only have access to ultra heat treated long life milk, no fresh milk or cream because the number of dairy farmers has plummeted as a result of the milk price war in the supermarkets.

In summer our population more than doubles when the tourists arrive so if you are coming to our area why not support the local farmers and the local economy and come to the market? The stall holders are always happy to chat.

The Bega markets in 2013 are on 18th January, 1st February and every second Friday throughout the year


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