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Funny how hens can get to you

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PLUM3GA few weeks ago I went down to give my girls their breakfast bright and early, all was well, the hens were bright eyed and busy as usual scrapping about who got the choice titbits mixed in with the feed. An hour later I went down to the vegetable garden and the hens were huddled and hiding and when I looked properly into the yard I found a heap of feathers and one chook gone. 

I locked them into the coop apart from Priscilla who had hidden deep in amongst the vegetation. That night Priscilla vanished not even leaving feathers to mark her passing but the chooks in the henhouse were fine if still a bit nervy. The next night the fox got into the coop. It found a spot where the wire buried around the perimeter was not quite complete and dug under the foundation and up into the henhouse. That night the remaining chooks vanished. 

Only feathers left to mark their passing.

Now I am buying my eggs and wondering if I can really build a fox proof fence. I have taken part in a “fencing for dummies” course and all that remains to do is decide on a new layout and choose some new chooks. I think that may take a while


One thought on “Funny how hens can get to you

  1. Oh, so sad about your critters being attacked! I love having critters nearby…but not THAT nearby! We’ve been having raccoon troubles lately…. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!