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Eastern Spinebill


Eastern Spinebill

This little bird was so cross when I went out to do some weeding and disturbed him at lunch, he flew off scolding me loudly. But I was sure he would be back for the nectar in these banksia candles, so I brought out the camera and waited.


2 thoughts on “Eastern Spinebill

  1. I am loving these images of the birds in your garden, you are *so* lucky to live so close to nature 🙂
    I try to be observant when riding around my local area but I’m not so good at the bird photography so I generally refer to Rob Hoare’s site which documents the bird life around here (the central region of the UK):

    • Thank you so much, I do feel lucky to live here. I will have a look at the site you mention, I originated in England so I remember some of your birds. The Australian birds often have similar names like magpie and robin but they are quite different! There are penalties for living so close to the bush one of which is the risk of wild fire, a risk which is growing as Australia seems to be getting hotter and dryer.