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On the beach in the heat

Bermagu Beach

Horseshoe Bay

Friday 18th January 2013, a beautiful morning in Bermagui, fine and hot but with a refreshing breeze coming off the ocean. On the beach an energetic group explored contact improvisation and “fight – dance” movement. As the day progresses the heat is mounting, we caught up with friends for lunch and shared some sustainably harvested fresh fish, fresh calamari and chips of unknown pedigree.

Around lunchtime the temperature rocketed reaching a very uncomfortable 46 degrees centigrade, a record for the area. It was so hot we had to swim but by then sea was up and there was quite a rip, the beach we chose was not patrolled and the surf was getting wild so we did not stay long in the water.

I went home and when I opened the door the house felt cool by comparison but when I checked the temperature it read 36C – usually way outside my comfort level! I shook the sand from my shoes, my beach towel, my hair, my ears, my bathers, my cleavage and had a quick shower but I left the car full of sand – I will deal with that tomorrow.

An hour or so later a gusting wind blew the outside furniture across the deck and as the cool change came through the temperature dropped by about 20 degrees. I walked down and fed the chooks.

The gum trees rained dead leaves. The grass crackled underfoot. Elsewhere in the State many fires were burning, some only 50kms away and Rural Fire Service volunteers were working stressed and exhausted probably as they battled to save houses and livestock. I just wish we could get some rain.